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Why patience can solve many of your problems

As soon as a problem happens some people panic, feel bad and start reacting in ways that might not serve their best interests.  While it’s always a great idea to respond to new problems as soon as they are encountered sometimes patience can be the best choice you should use in order to respond to a certain problem.

The first thing you need to do when a new problem happens to you is find out whether you can really do anything about it at the moment or not. If you found that you have to take certain actions then take them right away and if not then you must use patience.

Here is why patience can solve many of the problems you encounter

Why patience can save your day

1)      We worry about things that never happen:  studies found that 90% of our worries never come true. While some people waste their time and mental health worrying others become patient until they find what will happen. If nothing bad is going to happen then why worry? Be patient until things unfold and then you can worry if needed.

2)      New information might not be instantly available: sometimes all the information you need to take correct decisions might not be instantly available and that’s why its better to wait until all data becomes available. Lets suppose you applied for a job and didn’t get an answer for three days. In such a case it would be a waste of time and health to start feeling bad before few more days pass. Always allow more time until you have all the information you need before you can react

3)      Bad emotions won’t be experienced:   the great things about patience is that it delays the bad feelings until things become clearer. The decision to be patient is the decision not to feel bad until things unfold. Whenever you find yourself about to feel bad remind yourself that you will have enough time to experience all emotions when the problem becomes more clear. In many cases you will find that there was no real reason to feel bad.

4)      You will take better decisions: even if no new parameters showed up the time you will give yourself will help you make better decisions. When you sleep on a decision your subconscious mind absorbs the variables in a better way and as a result you take better decisions. So patience can help you take better decisions even if no new parameters showed up.

5)      You will feel strong: when you experience panic and excessive worrying your self esteem gets affected because you will feel that you lack control over your life. Patience on the other hand allows you to feel more in control of your life and makes you feel much stronger. One of the most important traits of strong people is the ability to be patient until a storm calms down.

M.Farouk Radwan is the founder of, a website that has more than 2000 self help, psychology and personal development articles. Farouk is a full time blogger who makes a living by selling his books on his blog.

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6 thoughts on “Why patience can solve many of your problems

  1. My biggest lesson in life, patience! but it’s so true when you take your time and don’t rush into decisions you often have more information to go by.

  2. Excellent thoughts you bring to the table here Lori :).

    I freaking love this line ” New information might not be instantly available:” This is something that is crazy powerful – but we are only capable of discovering this if we are patient.

    I have been in a variety of situations where I’m so caught up that I don’t recognize all the options standing in front of me.

    I think this post begs the question: “How does one go about becoming a more patient person?” Thoughts?

    1. hmmm so true, that is a great question!

      I like to think that as I get older I am becoming more patient. But I also believe that meditation is a great way to practice patience. I think that yoga or as I am sure you know kata’s. These allow you to practice stillness, movement and awareness I believe these all can help you become more patient.

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