WP-Dashboard Overview

After logging into your WordPress Website you will always land on the Dashboard. This area allows you to manage all aspects of your website. This a short overview of the main areas. These areas are standard sections, you can also add other Dashboard plugins once you are feeling more comfortable. How to log into the Dashboard

1 – Display the name of your website, it is a link to the public view of your website.

2 – Display the name of the person who is currently logged in, and an option to logout. You can also see a Quick Links button (New Post) that allows you to perform several actions on WordPress.

3 – Sidebar lists all the actions you perform and options you can configure. These include writing new posts, editing them, managing plugins and users and more.

4 –  This section provides information about statistics about your blog with information such as number of posts, number of drafts, number of comments and so on.

5–  QuickPress is a easy and quick way to publish posts and images to your blog.

6 –  A easy way to keep an eye on comments, moderate them and reply to them.

7 –  If you have posted drafts it will show up here, drafts are posts that have not been published yet.

8 –  On this section you will see the latest news from the WordPress development blog.

9 – This section will query Google and display the latest incoming links to your blog.

10 – In this section you will see news from the WordPress community.

Not see on this screen capture:

11 – This section showcases plugins that add to the features provided by WordPress, includes most popular, newest and latest updated plugins.

More to come on the different options available in the sidebar.
How to log into the Dashboard

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