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I was reading Chris Brogan’s blog post about writing daily and how he does it….

I simply love that he mentions “stillness” first.

I completely agree with this, whether you are just writing in your personal journal or whether you are writing for thousands of readers the principle is the same.  You need to find the stillness, the quiet to hear your own thoughts.

When I teach about “following your passion, finding your purpose, creating a self care lifestyle, it ALWAYS starts with “stillness”.

I am definitely a A-type personality, although I am learning to allow time for just contemplation and meditation…. it is not always easy.  As a result my mind is always moving at light speed.  And just as Chris mentioned I am writing 20 hours a day, but up until recently it was always in my head.

Part of blogging more is about sharing what I am writing, getting it out of my head and on to the page.

Although this blog is more directed at my internal head thinking… I hope that my other blogs add a great value to the readers, that is my intention.

And that is why I will be writing more and more. Less voices in my head and more value for you.  Win-Win!

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