Yoga – Extended Puppy Pose

This pose I like to use for stretching out my shoulders especially after swimming.

Step 1. Go down on your hands and knees that same as you would for the Cat Pose. Keep your shoulders right above your wrists and see that your hips are directly over your knees. Move your hands a few inches in front of you and curl your toes beneath you.

Step 2. With a deep exhalation, move your butt halfway back, almost to your heels. Your arms should remain active your elbows should never touch your mat.

Step 3. Now drop your forehead to your mat or, alternately, to a folded Yoga blanket or block. Keep your neck relaxed and retain a little curve in your lower back. Press your hands down and then stretch through your arms while pulling your hips back to your heels; see what a nice long stretch you feel in the spine. Continue breathing into your back, feel your spine stretch both ways.

Step 4. You can safely hold the pose for 30 – 60 seconds, even longer if you are comfortable. To exit, release your butt down to your heels, then sit on your bum.

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