Passions and Profits

You Don’t Need a Job by Ashley Ambirge



You Don’t Need a Job, You Need Guts:  Combining Passion + Self + Business Through Digital Entrepreneurship

Ashley definitely has a flare for the dramatic!  and I am madly in love with her and her writing now!  sshhh don’t tell her!


Most people will never actually live–they’ll just think they did.

Take Away:

If you want to do meaningful, rich, brilliant things in life–if you demand more from life than an average, humdrum existence–you cannot be most people.

Perhaps the most important truth is the one that quietly whispers in your ear, gently reminding you that these truths don’t have to be your truths.

More is possible.

There are many more “truths” that Ashley talks about it.

I am reading and studying and reading again! You have to get this book NOW!