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You, Simplified Handbook for a Simpler Life

You, Simplified is by Charley Forness of yousimplified.net.

I like the fact that Charley was pretty clear that he wrote the book based on his personal experience, the idea, concepts and strategies in the book are what worked for him and his family.   Charley definitely sounds like a fun guy!

I’m Charley Forness.

I’m 37, married to Nichole, have beautiful baby triplets (Bella, Owen and Noah) and am a Vice President in my department for a Fortune 500 Company.

I have the resources to keep up with the Joneses, maybe beat the pants off a few of them but I don’t bother.  It ain’t worth it.  Ever.  Taking care of my children now and in the future is far more important to me.

I’m a writer, artist and teacher at heart.

I live in a home that I’ve already paid off.  It cost me less than 90% of my yearly income…not my payment…the entire value of the home.

On to the Book….I LOVE how Charley started with Life Design, I agree with the principle that you HAVE to know just what the hack you want out of life better you can change it in any way.  Once you have a foundation to start with it is much easier to get on with what needs to be done.

The book goes on with strategies to simply your “Stuff, Commitments, Health and Finances.”   The book is short and sweet, with real down to earth strategies.  There is no fluff, there is no sugar coating, there is just what Charley did to successfully simplify his life.

The part that struck me the most is that fact that he is a family man and his family is on board with him.  Making the decision to simplify or change your lifestyle in any way takes a lot of communication and cooperation.  With a little bit of effort you can create a really awesome lifestyle!

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