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Maybe not a hard task, but definitely a fulfilling one!

Earlier in the week I had already started to unsubscribe to email newsletters that I was being spammed from or I switched to the RSS feed.   This way I can separate my pleasure reading with my tasks.   I do know that this won’t work 100% but it is helping already with the amount of mail that I have.

I am still working on the practice of carrying a notepad with me where ever I go, but I am sure I will get there.  I do have the process of what and where to write things.  My notepad by my computer is for “soon” or “must” complete tasks.  The white paper on my door is for would like to complete tasks.  it is more like a mind map, where I jot down ideas for my websites and online tasks for my personal websites.

There is always more to do on my websites 🙂  have to keep up with current trends right!

Back to the inbox…  Last night and even this morning my inbox is empty.

I filed, deleted or transferred to my notepad *only really important tasks*

Honestly I have been working some of these activities for several months, but I was disorganized and going about it in a very haphazard way.  I knew that changes needed to be made.  And I have read “Zen to Done” before, maybe a year ago.  But this time I am ready for the process, I am really ready for a simpler lifestyle and much more productivity.

Although I still need to continue this practice of Habit #2 Process.  I am going to move on to Habit #3 Plan.

PS. You can find Zen to Done over on Leo’s blog Zen Habits

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