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Zen Mind in the Middle of Chaos & Stress

2382209408_27eaa94dd0_bby pshutterbugLeo always states things in such plain truths, I wonder if he is a modern Buddha.  My love of stress management …. or should I say the solutions, have me reading all sorts of great stuff.

In this article Leo really gets to the core of what is happening when you are feeling “stressed”  It is not usually about the situation but how you are handling it, and by changing your thoughts for just 17 seconds can really make a difference.

What do you do when your job, or your personal life, is a constant source of busy-ness, rushing, nose-to-the-grindstone work, and stress?

Or what do you do if your life is simple and relatively stress-free, but something blows up and you are in the middle of chaos and high stress all of a sudden?

This is when we could use a dose of Zen Mind, or the Art of Letting Go.

What is this Zen Mind? To be honest, I’m still learning what that is, but what I’ve been practicing is a constant letting go. Let’s take an example:

I have a major deadline approaching. It is stressing me out, man! But what is the source of the stress? It’s not the work, which is just a series of actions. It’s not the deadline, which is just a time constraint. It’s my reaction to those external events — my fear that I’m not going to make it, that I’ll mess up, that I’ll look stupid or incompetent. This fear that is causing my stress reaction is rooted in my wanting things to turn out a certain way … wanting to meet the deadline and get things perfect and look good.  For more on the The Art of Letting Go click here to read Leo’s full article

So now that you are back:

What are the kinds of things that stress you out?

Do you feel that Leo’s steps are realistic and doable?

Are you willing to make the changes that lead to a less stressed life?

Love to hear you comments below:


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