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Zen to Done – Organize II

I have been making great process in my productivity and organization since I started my STUDY of the Zen to Done book.  Even while on vacation I used my notebook to stay organized and keep my personal tasks.

Now as I move into the summer and a very busy time for me at work and full swing into some big projects with the business, I am looking to have these systems keep me focused and get more accomplished that I might otherwise.  Up to now I have been light on my MIT’s learning the system and vacation will do that.

Next week will be the real test.

10 official weeks until my first triathlon will be my #1 personal focus!

On the business side, I need to implement a better…. no a system for handling the finances.  This areas is very very weak and I am always scrambling.

Once the system is in place, then it will be time to create the habit!

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