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Zen to Done – Organize

One of the best things to trickle from my ZTD personal growth into my family and home is organization.  As part of becoming my productive and more efficient, has been creating a simpler lifestyle in my home.  My office has been organized changed, cleaned. My books shelf that was over flowing is now pared down and a box of books is ready to be sold online.

The living room has been organized and opened up to allow it to be more roomy, more spacious.  This has allowed room from two great hobbies, keeping fish and gardening.  Some may not like the open minimal style but I love it, it feels rich to me.  Space allows more flow of energy and feelings and allows me to live with my focus on quality of life.

I even cleaned under the sink in the bathroom!  I got several boxes and everything is organized by categories and now stacked neatly. Everything is easy to find and stuff doesn’t fall out when I open the door 🙂

I love the idea of taking more of this feeling and style into other areas of my home 🙂  simple efficient organization.

2 thoughts on “Zen to Done – Organize

  1. I agree Lori, people don’t realize the huge impact that decluttering and organization can bring to the lives. For me it was empowering. Your living room sounds beautiful would love to see it ! 🙂

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