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Zen to Done – Simplify and Set Routines

I have really enjoyed my in depth study of Zen to Done.  There have been a lot of big take aways for me.

I faithfully keep my notepad and pencil with me at all times and I am focusing on my Most Important Task for each week.

As I am going through the next two chapters Simplify and Set Routines, I am stuck.

Not because they are hard to do, but because I need to consistently move forward and get doing it!  I have cleared out my book shelves, closets, even my computer files.
I am working on a set routine for both training and for business related tasks.

I found a cool little program that runs on your desktop where you can record and check off your top 3 MIT’s so it is always front and center. I have added recurring tasks into my calendar for daily and weekly business tasks.

Now I need to make sure that I continue using this system to my advantage and move forward toward my goals!

I will schedule myself a calendar reminder to come back 3 months and write a “Day with Zen to Done”  to see just what aspects are working and what I am continuing to use.

I am going to move on to a book on “minimalism”  I just haven’t decided yet… stay tuned 🙂

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