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I wanted to make sure I was creating a simple simple system that I can actually use!

Email  – I have been using outlook for years, it is like second nature to me. I have multiple mail boxes that I receive email into, filter what and from whom. I send/reply to mail from 3 main accounts, each created for very specific purposes in the business.

Calendar – I use outlook from my calendar and re0ccurring tasks, I really haven’t found anything else that can handle the reoccurring daily or weekly tasks, such as blog updates.  I do have this sync’d with google calendar so that specific people can see my calendar as needed.

Simple file box system, one for personal and one for business.  I am working on the task of entering book keeping every week to make sure it does not get lost as it has in the past.

Notes – I use OneNote for all overall planning, maintenance and analysis of my websites. As well as the overall theme of my work and life style plans for each year.

I have a big note pad on the wall for brain storming and mind maps, I have my notebooks for daily notes and ideas.

I use a site called LifeTick for specific goals, action items, milestones etc, this site emails me reminders when deadlines are coming up, allows me to write journal entries about specific tasks and many more suggestions.   I like it so much I am creating a coaching program around it.  🙂

My last few weeks have been abnormal because of vacation time, but now that things are getting back to normal I can streamline my systems even more, to be even more efficient!

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