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Zen to Passion

One of the things that I really like about the ZTD ebook is that Leo starts first thing with here are the solutions you will find in this book.

That really cuts to the chase and you know if you should read further or just dump it on your hard drive with all those other ebooks 🙂

Leo runs down a list of the 10 habits that are recommended and included in the ebook.  A quick scan and I can see that some of these I am going to whiz through as I am already doing them.

Like 10. Find your Passion.

Me the Passion Diva… HAHA I have spent years working on finding my passion and I feel that I can say with confidence what that is today.  “teaching others the universal laws of life and the earth”  I’ll get into what that means another time, but I have it and I am great with it.

Yah!  1 Habit complete… yeah I know I cheated a little there 🙂

Off to find the next habit to work on

PS.  Leo says it although he recommends a specific order, it is not necessary.  But I am going back to the beginning of the list now.

PSS. You can find Zen to Done over on Leo’s blog Zen Habits

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